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Calling with Microsoft Teams Phone

Do you want to be available to customers and colleagues at all times, regardless of your location or the device you use? Then Microsoft Teams is the perfect fit for your new telephony environment! Our customers rate Microsoft Teams as a very pleasant and flexible call center with which they can collaborate effortlessly, and Purple offers coverage in more than 60 countries.

Migration to Microsoft Teams Phone Calling solutions

The transition from an old to a new telephony environment is not something to shy away from, but something to look forward to! Purple fully coordinates this transition and migration. Doing so, we ensure that you do not suffer from disruptions or unavailability. We also take care of the porting: transferring your telephone numbers to the new telephony provider. We use our Managed SBC & Managed SIP services to do this, or connect to the customer's existing solutions. Before you know it, the telephony environment will be migrated without any problems.

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Managed Session Border Controller

Our own SBC platform in the cloud, a fully managed link between Microsoft Teams and the telephony network, ensures that you can make and receive calls with Microsoft Teams. We fully manage the SBC platform for you, so you can focus on other things. Simple, worry-free and reliable.

Managed SIP

We also have our own fully managed telephone network with coverage in more than 60 countries. With Managed SIP, all telephone numbers and call subscriptions are managed by one solution and one party. The result? Flexible, scalable and affordable!

Being successful with Microsoft Teams Phone

The transition to a modern cloud calling solution in Microsoft Teams can be challenging, especially if you don't have the right knowledge in-house. Purple has the expertise and makes the transition to this new environment easy bu using a step-by-step approach that guarantees a successful migration and proven results. We use four phases for successful delivery, this is the Purple Approach.

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Why Purple?

Managed Services:
Purple delivers telephony services in +60 countries. Together with cloud telephony via Microsoft Teams and customer contact center via Anywhere365, we can deliver, implement and manage a complete package.

From concept to service:
Purple truly invests in long-term partnerships and supports clients from concept to strategy and from implementation to service. Our support continues when the project is finished: we keep assisting with developments and opportunities.

The people side of change:
Purple understands the importance of thorough user adoption and change management. Our approach is targeted, effective and proven. The value of this all is only redeemed when the solution provided is actually used.

Success through expertise:
With over 35 years of experience, our specialists offer a proven track record with Gold partnerships, broad market knowledge and (inter)national Enterprise and SME clients. We know what is going on, what drives the customer and what its challenges are. 

Innovation and new technology at your fingertips:
Thanks to its strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Anywhere365, Purple has access to the very latest solutions and services. We participate in early adopter programs and look for innovative applications.

Cloud telephony via Microsoft Teams in over 60 countries

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