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The Purple approach: being successful with Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams Calling: the transition to a modern cloud telephony solution in Microsoft Teams can be challenging. Especially if you don't have the required knowledge in-house! At Purple we have this expertise, we make the transition to this new environment easy. We do this by using a step-by-step approach that guarantees a successful migration and proven results. That’s why we work with four phases for successful delivery, in other words: 'the Purple approach'. But what exactly does this approach mean?

The Purple Approach for Microsoft Teams Calling

Our methodology is characterized by a personal approach aimed at collaboration, connection and value creation for you as a customer. You will be supported by a professional team of specialists with broad experience in IT. We are able to carry the entire process ourselves with strategic project management, technical specialists, adoption specialists and more. We are goal-oriented, concrete and we work hard. Purple's specialists do everything they can to make the transition quick and effective, so your company can enjoy the benefits and make successful calls with Microsoft Teams.

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Why a specific approach?

Everything we do revolves around people. We believe that real value lies not only in technology, but primarily in effective use and adoption. The value of this all is only redeemed when the solution provided is actually used. It is all about the connection for us: with each other, with the customer and with the supplier. Empower people to connect! Only then will you get the most out of your IT investments.

We strive for the optimal customer experience and the ultimate user experience. Thanks to being a Microsoft Gold partner and our many years of focus and specialization in the Microsoft Stack, we know the platform like the back of our hand. We understand cloud telephony and know everything about advanced customer contact center solutions. We have a highly flexible portfolio of managed services, products and services to meet every customer demand. We also offer a network in more than 60 countries. To convert your challenge into a working and successful system in which you can call with Microsoft Teams, we follow four stages of successful delivery:

  1. Stage 1: Strategy

    Together with you as our customer we start with a discovery phase in which we define your wishes, success criteria and business objectives. We map out the current environment, perform assessments and develop a suitable solution. We also provide advice on strategy, planning and implementation.

  2. Stage 2: Implementation
    In this stage we center the implementation of the strategy and the execution of the associated plans. We build the cloud environment and configure the telephony environment to your specific needs. This process can be quickly realized because we have our own managed services and telephony services that we offer in more than 60 countries. We also offer the possibility to use your own environment; it's just what it takes. We come up with a suitable solution for any challenges, always working with a base of best practices in which stability, costs, security and confidentiality are of paramount importance.

  3. Stage 3: Adoption
    True value can be achieved in the people side of change. During the first stage we examined the organization, users and the transition itself. But how do we ensure that the implementation is truly successful for the users? Their input and our experience enables us to formulate a targeted ACM strategy and approach to make adoption as smooth as possible, consisting of a champion program, communication and training plans and more. During this stage relevance, overview and consistent follow-up are paramount.

  4. Stage 4: Support
    Nice! The technology works and the users can get to work; calling with Microsoft Teams was therefore successful. During the first period we provide support in the transition to the new situation. We monitor the adoption of the technology and we document and assess any opportunities for the organization. After that we will of course discuss the next steps, because Purple works on the basis of continuous improvement. In this way we work together with you towards the most optimal support and follow-up.

Purple ensures that you are successful in calling with Microsoft Teams!

At Purple we make sure that you are truly successful in calling with Microsoft Teams. With over 35 years of experience Purple offers a proven track record with Microsoft Gold partnerships, broad market knowledge and experience with a large number of national and international customers. Our specialists have broad experience within Enterprise and SME organizations in various industries. We know what is going on, what drives the customer and what the challenges are.

At Purple we believe in the power of collaboration. We want to get to know and understand you, and we listen to your wishes. By actively working together we learn from each other, but we also create the best solutions for your organization. And that's what drives us!

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