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Hybrid workplace: everything in the cloud

The basis of Purple is hybrid work, in any way you think fit.Are you looking for scalable telephony solutions with colleagues and customer contact via the cloud? Then we are your go-to partner. We specialize in Unified Communications and Cloud Collaboration. The benefits:

Easy and secure information sharing with colleagues and customers 

Communicate and collaborate wherever you are

Many communication options: from meetings and webinars to customer contact centers

Complete solution with Office365: the could platform by Microsoft

Unified Communications and Cloud Collaboration

Sounds complicated, right? It’s not. Purple offers modern communication and collaboration solutions from the cloud. Think of cloud telephony via Microsoft Teams Phone that we can offer worldwide.

Share information easily and securely with your team and customers. Work together remotely on documents or presentations. Take part in meetings or present in front of a large group. The possibilities of hybrid work are endless! That's why we work with you to find the best omnichannel solution for your organization, by choosing modern co-op options without limitations.

Office365 by Microsoft

Office365 is the Microsoft cloud platform that gives you access to the commonly used applications such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word, but is also enriched with powerful tools like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and all kinds of security features. This all is integrated into a total package of applications in the cloud that enables users and organizations to be effective and productive everywhere.

In addition, Microsoft Teams offers many communication options. Well-known applications are regular audio/video calls and the organization of meetings and webinars. But add cloud telephony or perhaps even a customer contact center, and you instantly create a fully integrated platform from which your entire organization is able to collaborate and communicate with customers, colleagues and suppliers. 

Solutions for the hybrid workplace

Do you want your organization to experience true hybrid working? Then choose Purple. Our experts and specialists have years of experience with state-of-the-art workplace, communication and collaboration solutions. We really know how to make the workplace truly hybrid and all-encompassing.

We also understand that every organization is different. Our goal is to provide relevant solutions that really work. Solutions that are quickly redeemed by flexibility for the organization, flexibility for the employee and customer contact opportunities that are possible across multiple channels, such as voice, chat and social media. It goes without saying that solid working technology is essential, but we absolutely believe that the human side is where the value really lies!

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Why Purple?

Do you want to work wherever you are, communicate efficiently and have flexible ways to collaborate with customers and colleagues? The world of Purple is at your feet. Purple revolves around modern communication and collaboration. We stand for genuine partnerships, understanding of organizational challenges and having a deep understanding of technology, service management and adoption.
Our goal is simple: support our customers in the ever-changing world of cloud telephony, digital & unified communications. Empower people to connect!

  • Cloud telephony via Microsoft Teams in over 60 countries

    Anywhere365®: the omnichannel client contact center

    From strategy and implementation to adoption and support