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Cloud telephony with managed SBC and SIP services

Switching to cloud telephony via Teams can have quite an impact on your organization. Purple’s managed SBC and SIP services ensure that this migration process runs smoothly. We offer: 

Knowledge and expertise for rapid implementation, minimal impact migration on both technology and people, and services with high stability.

Carefree: a telephony environment that is fully managed by our specialists

Reduction in costs. Everything is in the cloud, with no need for data centers or hardware investments

Excellent accessibility (in more than 60 countries!)

High availability, redundancy, security by design and 24/7 support 

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Managed SBC and SIP: an explanation

At Purple, we strive to make things easy for our customers. By supporting them in the transition to cloud telephony, and by providing a fully managed cloud telephony environment. From the underlying infrastructure and architecture, to maintaining the optimal configuration and 24/7 support for you and your users.

The foundation of these services is the Purple Session Border Controller and SIP trunk. Both components are critical for Microsoft Teams Phone.

SBC: an essential component for telephony

“SBC” is short for Session Border Controller and is an essential component for calling via Microsoft Teams. It is a critical connection between Microsoft Teams and the telephony network (SIP). The SBC allows us to forward media streams and traffic from the public internet to an organization’s network, and vice versa. An SBC thus determines how calls are initiated, executed, accepted, and terminated, and will filter, manage and protect media streams.

An SBC in the cloud is a cost saver. Your organization no longer needs physical hardware and avoids the cost to invest in much-needed knowledge within this area. Purple can take care of managing your entire environment for you, which means you can focus on what is most important: doing business.

SIP trunk: associate numbers with users

In short, “SIP” is the abbreviation of Session Initiation Protocol. You require a SIP trunk to be able to link telephone numbers to the people in your organization. Purple offers a unique service in this regard, as we have our own, fully managed telephony network that offers coverage in more than 60 countries. This way, your telephony service can be accommodated by one partner, using one contract and centrally managed via Purple. You no longer have to work with multiple providers in several countries, which will save you time and money and offer much more control over the service itself.

Countries that have coverage in our Managed SIP solution for Microsoft Teams Calling

Do you currently still have a contract with another provider? Then it is still possible to call via Microsoft Teams! By linking your existing SIP trunk to our managed SBC environment, it is still possible to transfer your telephony environment to Microsoft Teams.

Wish to port your phone numbers to Purple? Then we will submit a porting request to your current supplier en transfer all landline numbers to Purple’s SIP trunk. We are happy to take care of this entire process. Purple knows exactly what needs to be done to ensure that everything is transferred quickly and in a controlled manner.

Why choose Purple’s managed SBC and SIP?

If you choose Purple, you opt for the complete package. We take care of the cloud infrastructure and help you with additional services. Our objective is to support our customers by taking on the full management of the cloud telephony environment. Our goal is to help you and your people in using the telephony services fully. Capitalizing the most out of your telephony investments.

Naturally, our managed services meet the latest requirements. First, we amend to our customers’ wishes. Providing recommendations and advisory on the optimal architecture. We use industry best practices and apply new developments and technologies. We are constantly working on optimizing our services so that our customers have a stable and optimal environment. Performing maintenance and changes becomes an easy task. We are flexible as we can easily scale up or down, and handle incidents with care. And, of course, everything meets security and market requirements with full awareness of any applicable laws and regulations.

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