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Purple achieves Anywhere365® Partner of Excellence

Boost the communication with your customers and make your processes even more efficient? With Anywhere365®, we enable your organization to create the ultimate customer experience. We are proud to announce that Purple is now Anywhere365® Partner of Excellence! This means we are a partner of the highest level, allowing us to help organizations even better in providing great contact center solutions.

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Anywhere365® Partner of Excellence: what does it mean?

Purple has been working closely with Anywhere365® since 2015. We have gained a lot of practical knowledge and experience about this advanced technology at both Enterprise and SMEs: from implementation and integration to final use and support. Anywhere365® is an omnichannel contact center with endless possibilities. You can contact customers through various channels, leveraging chat, e-mail and CRM integrations to combine all dialogues into one platform.  You can also record conversations, use wallboards and create extensive reports. Anywhere365 fits well with Purple’s mission: Empower People to Connect! Optimally respond to the wishes of thecustomer through every possible channel from the cloud. 

As of the beginning 2022, Anywhere365 announced they were starting their new Partnership Program. The program containing three levels, being Certified, Premier and Partner of Excellence. Since this announcement, the Purple team immediately started to pursue the various available training opportunities and assessments to achieve this status. 

Part of the program was, for example, obtaining all necessary certifications. These certifications are divided into various levels and components on which knowledge needed to be tested. We also had an extensive look at our current customers who use Anywhere365 to be able to collect, as well as analyze, their experiences. Additionally, we have jointly set up a strategy to bind existing and new customers to Purple as Anywhere365 partner. The result of all this hard work? The highest certification level: Anywhere365 Partner of Excellence! 

Erik van Arkel, Global Head of Sales at Anywhere365, commented the following on Purple’s certification: 

“Purple is an excellent partner for Anywhere365 because of their deep knowledge of our product and their strong customer focus.”

He continues: “I have had the opportunity to work with Purple for years now, and with every project I experience a strong partnership and clear added value from their side. Purple knows how to optimally use Anywhere365 to continuously improve communication flows within organizations. I expect that, with our Partnership Program, we will enable Purple even more to expand their services regarding Anywhere365.”

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For us, this status is a confirmation of our knowledge and expertise regarding usage and implementation of the contact center solution. Robert Jeninga, Business Consultant and COO at Purple, responds: “We are extremely proud! Especially of our team, because they are the ones who, on a daily basis, make this possible for our customers. It also confirms our longstanding and strong partnership with Anywhere365 and, above all, our extensive knowledge and experience with the solutions they provide.”

What does this certification mean for our customers?

As Purple, we already offer various services in relation to Anywhere365, such as CRM, email and chat integrations. The Partner of Excellence status indicates our expertise, but what exactly does this mean for our customers? Robert: “As a partner of Excellence, we will have more directinfluence and possibilities for our customers. We are provided with various instruments that allow us to support our customers even better. We also have access to a new features and tools, like the Anywhere365 Attendant Console, which we are now also actively implementing with our customers. Our status means we can add more value to our customers as we are collaborating with Anywhere365 even more closely. Not only in implementation and configuration, but also in terms of support, strategy and further development.”

“As a partner, this status offers us more direct influence and creates morepossibilities for our customers.”

“As a partner, this status offers us more direct influence and it creates more possibilites for our customers.”

How we at Purple allow for a successful migration for our customers? Robert: “That is why we developed the UCC Factory! With this method, we guarantee a extremely fast transitionbuild on top of a strong foundation; one that we as Purple fully support and manage for our customers.” The UCC factory provides great flexibility in the transition of the former solutions to the new and more advanced contact centerplatform. It doesn’t have to be hard, but can be done for you.”

Will Purple be your Anywhere365 partner?

Is your organization looking for an advanced cloud contact center solution? Anywhere365 might be a great fit! Gather all your communication channels and work directly from Microsoft Teams. Every customer will be recognized immediately and gets help throughout every channel. All managed from one unified platform. Resulting in a true boost of your customer satisfaction and creating the ultimate customer experience!

With over 35 years of experience in telephony and the Anywhere365 Partner of Excellence status, Purple has everything you need to successfully implement this contact center solution. From strategy and vision to technical implementation, and from adoption to support and service management: Purple is your partner!

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