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Purple expands services with a Service Level Manager

Purple recently introduced the role of a Service Level Manager to enhance its services. Paul Smit has been fulfilling this role for the past few months, enabling us to provide our customers with an even better service. But what exactly does a Service Level Manager do, and what value does it bring to your organization?

Purple places great importance on establishing a personal relationship and an active partnership with its customers. We provide support by actively engaging with our customers and using their feedback to improve and optimize our services. We are eager to understand needs and challenges so that we can respond effectively with our services, products, or expert advice. This approach allows us to continually deliver value to our relationships. In order to be even more closely connected to our clients and provide enhanced guidance, Purple has created the role of Service Level Manager.

Paul Smit: from Technical Consultant to Service Level Manager

Paul joined Purple a year and a half ago as a Technical Consultant, where customer contact, communication, and partnership are highly valued. During his time with the company, Paul familiarized himself with our operations and was involved in various projects, including the implementation of ISO27001. His experience and ambitions made his transition to the role of Service Level Manager a natural progression. In this new role, Paul ensures the delivery of exceptional service, leveraging his humor (his own words!) and personal attention. 

What does this mean for our customers?

Our customers will benefit from a more proactive and involved support from Purple, achieved through initiatives like our Purple Empowerment Cycle. We provide monthly reports on SLA compliance and the performance of our services, and we also schedule multiple occasions throughout the year to discuss market developments, for example. Through these interactions, we provide valuable insights, raise awareness, and offer guidance on the opportunities and challenges organizations may encounter. Given the ever-evolving nature of IT, cloud, and telephony, we strive to be proactive and responsive, ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed. 

As Service Level Manager, Paul will serve as the primary point of contact for our customers regarding SLA compliance, service performance, and other related matters. Our aim is to build a trusting relationship and actively contribute to the service development within organizations. Continuous improvement is a fundamental principle for us. We empower people to connect.

If you would like to learn more about the role of the Service Level Manager and how it can benefit your organization, please reach out to Paul Smit.