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Astrata: migrating with 24/7 availability

Migrating to a new telephony environment and contact center solution, while your global hotlines need to be available 24/7… A daring step to take! Luckily, Astrata found a reliable partner in Purple to realize this migration. By working out all possible scenarios in great detail and guiding agents by using adoption and change management, Astrata is now successfully using Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice together with Anywhere365 as their contact center solution!

Astrata: 1200 customers and worldwide coverage

Astrata is an innovative software company that provides solutions to streamline transportation and logistics operations, improve supply chain visibility, and optimize and automate operations and mobile workers. With their excellent software and hardware technology, they work with both corporate and governmental customers in a wide variety of industry segments. With worldwide coverage and 1200 customers within 6 continents, a well-functioning telephony environment and contact center solution are essential. And that is what Purple does best!

Flexible, scalable and user-friendly

Astrata was looking for a flexible, scalable and user-friendly solution for their telephony environment and contact center. They were looking for a partner who, in addition to reliable managed SIP and SBC services, is also capable of offering support before, during and after the migration process. An additional requirement was simple compilation of reports and provision of proper preparations for all agents within Astrata, so that they too could work with the new solution without any problems. A partner who could take care of the entire migration was an important factor, as was a smooth migration with a minimal impact for customers. 

How to: migrating with minimal impact

Purple’s solution was designed to meet Astrata’s requirements: Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice was chosen as the telephony environment and Anywhere365 was used as the contact center solution. To guarantee accessibility of the hotlines and also to handle the complex situation regarding the extensive network of agents, Purple and Astrata opted for a project strategy in which all systems were converted at once. Due to the impact of this strategy, a well-thought-out preparation was of the essence, taking into account all possible scenarios. 

Mike van Arnhem, Business Consultant at Purple, says: “We had to port phone numbers in different countries, each of which have their own legislation, lead time, permits and processes. We were also dependent on a third party in this matter, so clear communication with Astrata and a clear planning was very important.” 

The Anywhere365 solution was also thoughtfully set up, based on Astrata’s specific wishes. Mike: “Astrata supports multiple languages on their hotlines, so we converted a standard system into a fully customized system. We managed to migrate all agents from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, and successfully replaced the old contact center solution with Anywhere365. And Astrata’s customers? They hardly even noticed it!”

A successful result

What is Astrata’s experience with Purple? Mike Nitschke of Astrata explains: “Thanks to the great cooperation and direct lines of communication with all parties involved, we were able to switch quickly when we needed information from each other. This made it easy for us to discuss specific technical requirements, setting up the right governance, testing our new system and setting up and adjusting various documents.”

“We are pleased our partnership has been so professional and easy!” 

Right now, 10 employees within Astrata are working with the Anywhere365 hotline. Their transition has been a simple process, partly due to our training and guidance. This project gives Astrata more possibilities to adapt their support to certain situations and exceptional incidents. The Supervisor tool makes it easy for them to create accounts for new employees, leaving more time for the actual onboarding process. 

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