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Purple Assistant: Teams add-on for number management

Managing phone numbers in spreadsheets, manually assigning or deleting phone numbers, purchasing numbers inefficiently by buying individually or in ranges… If your organization manages phone numbers in Teams, you will recognize the above all too well. And whenever a simple thing changes, someone needs to configure this change manually. We Empower People to Connect, and that is exactly why we want to make phone number management easier for you. How? We would like to introduce: Purple Assistant.

With this unique Microsoft Teams add-on, you can:

Save time by managing (inter)national phone numbers with just 1 click

Link numbers to users, call queues and auto attendants in an easy and secure way

Manage your organization's landline and mobile numbers, without any limitations

Manage everything from the cloud. Secure, easy to use and no need for on-premises hardware

View and manage via the Purple Assistant app in Microsoft Teams

Do everything within just one Microsoft Teams application

For many organizations, managing phone numbers has become a real challenge. Numbers are being purchased individually or in ranges. Often, they are then managed from a spreadsheet to keep track of which numbers have been assigned and to whom. A lot of work, considering the ever-changing workforce where people join, leave, or move into your organization. Numbers are assigned to employees manually, one by one, which requires multiple applications and platforms. After that, this is then configured to Microsoft Teams using error-prone scripts. How do you keep track? And how do you know that the data in your spreadsheet represents the real situation and is correct?

At Purple, we felt like this needed to change. Number management should be made easy. And that is exactly why we developed a new, unique solution: Purple Assistant. Manage numbers quickly, easily and securely.

The Purple Assistant (PA) has been developed to make your number management easier. From managing phone numbers and assigning numbers to users and address books to managing call queues and auto attendants: with Purple Assistant you can do this quickly, easily and securely. It can also be used directly in Microsoft Teams. And the best thing? This new app is available for everyone!



The Purple Assistant has all features to simplify number management within your organization. Just a couple of features you can enjoy: 

  • A complete overview of telephone numbers and the linked users and/or services

  • Add and delete phone numbers or number ranges instantly

  • Works independently of your telephony services or contact center solution

  • Works with your Active Directory, so it has up-to-date information 

  • Works directly from Microsoft Teams and thus offers a clear overview

  • Perform actions like assigning, blocking, deleting, or giving resource type per number, user or service

  • Reserve a number: numbers are blocked during administrative work, so that there are no duplications or errors

  • Search based on username or (part of) a phone number

  • International: you easily manage numbers from different countries 

  • No minimum or maximum phone numbers

  • Block numbers or assign them to contact center solutions or your current telephone exchange

  • Number location options, including region code display 

  • Sync function during rollout: everything set up within Microsoft Teams is visible in Purple Assistant, such as assigned phone numbers, services and policies

  • Filter information with multiple and extensive options (and/or filter)

  • Phone number tagging options for easy overview and administration

  • Teams Theme Support (dark and light)

  • License check when assigning numbers (does the user have the right licenses?)

  • Voicemail policy option when assigning phone numbers

  • Voice route configuration options when assigning phone numbers for national or international calling

  • Works from the cloud: always compatible within your organization, with no server or on-premises requirements

  • Security-by-design: the Purple Assistant has been developed based on the latest information security standards and is therefore safe to use

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